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About This Site

sylund.net is running on Google App Engine with Python. The data is stored in Google Datastore, a cloud-based database.


I named this project as mind flows, or m-flows. I want to create an easy and fast way to store ideas.

I found a hierarchical structure such as the unix directory structure feels most intuitive. As a result, a flow (a document) has its parent and child. There also will be an alias or symbolic link to reduce duplicated content in different paths. For example, /about/publication and /research/publication could point the same document. I am also most comfortable with a markdown syntax to write things, so I am using a custom markdown syntax with my own rendering engine. The markdown syntax is primarily influenced by Dokuwiki.

Change Logs

created: 2010/11/11/ 04:49:49, modified: 2014/11/03/ 21:54:01

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